Vista EHR Class at SUNY Albany - Spring 2014 - Teaching FileMan

As part of the VistA EHR Class at SUNY Albany,
we covered recently the topic of FileMan.

To this end, we used the following materials

The texbooks used in the class include:

For this FileMan introduction, hands on exercises were performed in a VistA instance that was installed using the VistA Debian package prototype.

This VistA instance is hosted in an Ubuntu Linux machine in the Amazon AWS cloud, and it is the same used recently for the VistA Workshop during the SUNY Albany Open Source Festival.

This instance builds upon

For the introduction to FileMan, the class had the treat of welcoming Sam Habiel (Director of Technology at VISTA Expertise Network) as visiting instructor, and therefore learning about FileMan from a true expert. This happened thanks to Sam being in the Albany area as part of his work in the deployment of VistA at the NYS Office of Mental Health.

Sam Habiel describing the structure of FileMan.


Sam Habiel and Jerry Sicard.
Thanks for sharing your expertise with our Students at SUNY Albany.


After being introduced to the basic structure of FileMan,
students worked during a second session, on entering: 

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Patients

Of course, using fictitious names and personal data.

Following the Class Syllabus, we will now continue exploring the Patients File, Radiology, Lab, Pharmacy and Order Entry files.

The class will be offered again in the Fall 2014, and will be followed by a "VistA Intermediate" class.

We welcome your feedback on how to improve the content and practices of the class. 




FILEMAN link not working

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Hello Sam's FILEMAN Tutorial link is not working 


The Site hosting the material is no longer available

Peter Li's picture

The site is gone.  Will need to ask Sam Habiel if he has copies of the material.



Fileman link now works

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We've obtained the files from Luis.  It is now in our permanent repository.