1.09.15 Meeting Minutes

1.09.15 Meeting Minutes

We celebrated the successful launch of the new microsite. A number of people have complimented the site.

Kris showed the Twitter handle and LinkedIn pages and asked for individuals and marketing departments of Members to follow, comment and like these social media.

Kris showed the list of draft Tweets that she has formulated from the informational resources on open source VistA. She'll use these tweets over the next several weeks.

Kris encouraged Members to create and provide additional content such as white papers, presentations, etc. that can be incorporated into the campaign. She showed the link to the Oroville webinar (hosted by OSEHRA on January 20) that has been added to the microsite for the time being. Kris would like to have content/testimonials from additional users and VsitA clients. DSS will send link to another white paper they have and to webinars for the target audience. Kris affirmed there may need to be another link created on the microsite for 'Other Resources'.

The infographic will be completed soon.

There was a discussion on ways to market the campaign at HIMSS in April. Suggestions:

  • be involved in the tweet chats
  • consider partnering with a food truck, using social media to drive people to the location, and handing out something (infographic)? for those who show up with the requested image
  • OSEHRA and DSS will brainstorm other options as they plan their participation at HIMSS
    • Kris will suggest a strategy at the February marketing meeting