OSEHRA Leadership Awards

2019 Awardees

Innovation Award 

Peter Li, Director of Engineering, OSEHRA

The 2019 Innovation Award was presented to OSEHRA’s own Peter Li in recognition of his hard work, years of involvement in open source, and role as an architect in the community. He has played an active role in OSEHRA since its founding, and in addition to his role as Director of Engineering, he is a co-chair for the Architecture Working Group. His reliability, intelligence, and work ethic have enabled him to be a strong team leader and innovator. He has been instrumental to OSEHRA and our work on synthetic data solutions. Peter’s influence, guidance, and contributions have been essential to OSEHRA’s success and we are proud to be able to recognize one of our own with this award.

Government Leadership Award 

Rick Spivey, IT Specialist, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (Retired)

The 2019 Government Leadership Award was presented to Rick Spivey in recognition of his strong support of the OSEHRA Community from within the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). His dedication and responsiveness in delivering software to the open source community has been unmatched, and his involvement and support of OSEHRA has been vital since its inception. Rick, along with the Code in Flight Team and the FOIA team, have consistently found and delivered software from inside the VA. He also had a crucial role in obtaining documentation on the development process for the Lexicon. Rick is about to start his well-earned retirement, and he will be greatly missed by the open source community.

Lifetime Achievement Award

David Whitten, VistA Business Manager, Central Regional Hospital

The 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to David Whitten in recognition of his career-long achievements and dedication to the open source community. Dave has played an active role in the open source community for over 30 years, and has been a member of the OSEHRA community since its inception. He has years of experience with VistA to draw from and has played a significant role pushing the open source community forward. After he left VA, he helped bring VistA to the Central Regional Hospital in North Carolina, worked to bring Port VistA to GT.M, and has freely shared his expertise with software developers in many areas. He has contributed to a number of OSEHRA work groups and projects and his work lies behind many of OSEHRA’s success stories. His breadth of knowledge is unparalleled and his generosity and tireless work ethic have truly improved the open source EHR community.