AWG Minutes - 02-11-2014: An Update on HMP, Marcia Pickard, VHA

AWG Minutes - 02-11-2014: An Update on HMP, Marcia Pickard, VHA

Minutes 02-11-2014:

Thanks to Marcia Pickard, Lead for the Health Informatics Initiative, VHA for an informative update on Health Management Platform (HMP).  

Here are the key points from the presentation. 

1.       There is interest in testing FMQL language.

2.       Likewise a version of the MarkLogic (or other similar) data storage as an alternative storage to native Cache

3.       LIEPR may be considered as the linkage element to the IPO health information exchange

4.       JLV may replace VistAWeb (It is possible that this will happen before JLV functionality is incorporated into HMP)

5.       Contract in place since Sep 2013 to advance HMP in parallel and with integration to VistA Evolution

6.       OSEHRA HMP will be updated as work progresses, recognize we are about 10-12 months behind

7.       HMP will deliver Google-search capability tied to the OpenInfoButton capability along with a new Medication Review capability

8.       Testing will be expanded to 4 sites (formally) Hampton, San Antonio, Portland, Indianapolis

9.       Live production use of HMP will begin at VAMC San Diego in April.  Loma Linda  is also engaged in production testing. 

10.   Testing is anticipated to be all outpatient areas in a facility

11.   VSA is NOT being looked at in this pass

12.   We should contact Kevin Meldrum after a period of recovery (30 days) from back surgery and overwork to the HMP Roll-out.

Per Marcia request, the slides and the recording will be made available at a later date.

Please note your calendar:

Next Tuesday February 18th, Dr. Theresa A. Cullen, MD, CMIO of VA will speak on Big Data and VistA Evolution.