Clinical Reminders First Meeting - Re-posted from Hardhat


Those of you who were at the VistA Community Meeting may recall that during the session with Mike O'Neill we talked about getting permission from General Counsel for the VA Developers to work with the Open Source Community under OSEHRA's umbrella on their official assigned duties during work hours. We also ask about them being able to work on additional enhancements to their packages. The Reminders developers have received permission to work openly on assigned projects with the OSEHRA community during their assigned work hours and to work on unassigned enhancements only as volunteers, after hours, on their own equipment. 


I am pleased to let you know that the Reminders developers will be having their first meeting with the Open Source Community tomorrow at 4 PM Eastern at the coordinates below.  This meeting will be center around one of their assigned projects which overlaps nicely with work being done in the Quality Reporting initiative for Meaningful Use Stage 2.  Please join us. 


 Friday 4pm  Eastern time zone

(Coordinated Universal Time -4 hours, i.e., Daylight Saving Time)


   Please join the following teleconference line:


       Toll-Free #:      1-800-704-9804

       International #:  1-404-920-6604

       Participant Code: 25388666



 Access code: 8814902



Nancy Anthracite