Eclipse Plug-in Project

Eclipse Plug-in Project

The Eclipse plug-in development effort, led by PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP (PwC)*, on behalf of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), will support the VA’s efforts to enhance the existing Eclipse plug-in tool for VistA M development. The project includes:

  • Developing refactoring tools for M code development such as renaming and code beautification
  • Developing code validation and search tools
  • Improving functionality and user interface for code debugging capabilities
  • Verification and improvement of functionality on git based repositories

A formal OTJ submission titled MTools, including code and documentation, is available for reference here.

Please feel free to check out our other projects and PwC group for more information on our integrated efforts:

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*Disclaimer: Ray Group International (RGI) was acquired by PwC, LLP early in November 2012. Please note that all content, webinars, presentations, etc. prior to November 2012 may contain RGI references and branding. The team has not changed, and the work being performed and quality of that work remains the same.




Refactoring, Re- platform, Re- architecture -Forward Engineering

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Would it be of interest to check workbench created by BluAge that helps achieve the following 

A. Extraction of the legasy code

B. Representation of the Legasy code based on Knowledge Discovery Metamodel (OMG specs - KDM)

C. Integrating KDM into UML creating Model Driven Architecture (MDA)

D. Integrating into Eclipse 

E. Maintain models as Platform Independent Models (PIM) and Platform Specific Models  (PSM)

E. Developing forward engineering strategies for repurposing legacy architecture towards emerging capabilities; such as Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud. For the identified capabilities, cartridges can be developed as a rapid response in software engineering to the specifications established in design.

At this time, Mumps extraction extension does not exists, but it can be developed with minimum efforts.

The customizable solution from BluAge works on Eclipse and driven by MDA provides elegant mechanism for architecture transformation planning, designing and development, while creating repurpose strategies.


Srinidhi Boray