eHMP Repository

VA Code in Flight eHMP Release r2,0m2 in the OSEHRA Technical Journal Repository

This the redacted version of the latest eHMP version from VA.  The redacted version will required some effort to build a working version due to missing components and lack of documentation as to what has been removed as a result of redaction.  For a working version please use the VHA FTL or the KRM Associates repository listed below. 

VHA Future Technology Laboratory (FTL) eHMP Release r1.3 Github Repository

This is the eHMP release R1.3 made available to the VHA FTL site for third party development of eHMP.  The VHA FTL github repositories has a publicly available ehmp-app repository for developing eHMP UI apps and multiple private repositories containing backend components of eHMP.  To access the private repositories, you will need to establish an account with VA VHA Innovation center.  According to Will Collins of VHA Innovations - "any one with the goal of writing software to improve Veteran care can request an account and access -".  Once you have access to the private repository, you can fork from the private repository to develop your own branch of eHMP; however, you will need to keep your code branch in your private repository at this time.  The VA is currently developing a code intake process for third party developer to contribute to the eHMP codebase.

KRM Associates Inc. eHMP Release r1.2 Github Repository

This repository is a installable working version of the Code in Flight eHMP r1.2.  The code have been modified to address redaction issues and to allow eHMP to run on GT.M in-lieu of InterSystems Cache.  Due to resource constraint, KRM Associates will not be able to continue the development effort needed to fix newer versions of eHMP Code In Flight releases.