EHS VistA System

Hakeem program offers a world class implementation of VistA software; the implementation includes analysis of the facility needs, design post implementation workflows, clinical transformation including enhancement of the current workflows, configuration of the platform, and integration of medical devices, training, and IT consultations.

Hakeem implementation consists of the following:

  1. Installation of computers, servers and networks using the latest technologies and applications for wired and wireless network systems; installation of network management and security systems using Cisco devices; and implementation of LAN and WAN networks, linking sites by connecting to the National Broadband Network (NBN) and Department of Civil Status and Passport.
  2. Implementing the VistA system to computerize health records, including Patient Information Management System, Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS), Laboratory, Radiology, VistA Imaging, Pharmacy package and Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA), Surgery package, Emergency Department Information System (EDIS), and other specialized systems such as Blood Bank and Nutrition and Food Service (N&FS).
  3. Implementation of VistA Imaging system, which enables health care providers to view high quality X-rays and scanned documents and images that are linked to the CPRS.
  4. End users of hospitals and clinics implementing Hakeem program are trained on Hakeem program systems.
  5. Local community awareness campaigns are organized to help create awareness and educate the community about the Hakeem program benefits.
  6. Building capacity of advanced data centers and disaster recovery sites by installing the latest equipment, devices and technologies in line with the size of the program. Servers, storage devices and computers will be provided to program end users.
  7. Sites implementing Hakeem program will be provided with various medical and laboratory devices that are linked with Hakeem program systems –e.g., barcode equipment and unit dose machines for hospital inpatient medication dispensing.
  8. The infrastructure of the EHS 24/7 Technical Support Center was developed according to the highest standards, and the center has been connected through private Jordanian telecommunications network channels.

Hakeem program consist of several packages:

  • Patient Information Management System (PIMS Registration and Scheduling);
  • Computerized Patient Records System (CPRS)
  • Surgery Package
  • Emergency Department Integration Software (EDIS)
  • Laboratory Package
  • Pharmacy Package
  • Radiology Package
  • VistA Imaging (VI)

Products and Services: 

Configuration and customization
Integration of external applications
System implementation
EHR Ancillary Systems
VistA Distributions
VistA Extensions