GT.M™ Database Engine with Extreme Scalability and Robustness.
Rock Solid. Lightning Fast. Secure. No compromises.                             

GT.M is a database engine with scalability proven in the largest real-time core processing systems in production at financial institutions worldwide, as well as in large, well known healthcare institutions, but with a small footprint that scales down to use in small clinics, virtual machines and software appliances.

The GT.M data model is a hierarchical associative memory (i.e., multi-dimensional array) that imposes no restrictions on the data types of the indexes and the content - the application logic can impose any schema, dictionary or data organization suited to its problem domain.* GT.M's compiler for the standard M (also known as MUMPS) scripting language implements full support for ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, Durable) transactions, using optimistic concurrency control and software transactional memory (STM) that resolves the common mismatch between databases and programming languages. Its unique ability to create and deploy logical multi-site configurations of applications provides unrivaled continuity of business in the face of not just unplanned events, but also planned events, including planned events that include changes to application logic and schema.

Worldwide, GT.M is used in multiple industries, including finance, health care, transportation, manufacturing and others. GT.M supplies the processing power to the FIS Profile™ enterprise banking application.

* Many popular database products impose relational or object-oriented schema within the engine itself. Database engines that do not impose schemas, but which allow layered application software to impose and use whatever schema that is appropriate to the application are popularly referred to as "key-value", "document oriented", "schema-less", "schema-free" or “NoSQL” databases.

For more information about GT.M please contact Bill Maimone at or call +1 484.302.3324.

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