Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) VistA is the "redacted" version of VA Enterprise VistA, released publicly via the Freedom of Information Act. FOIA VistA software and associated material are redacted by VA prior to public release and may not be fully functional due to missing components. A few of the items that are removed by the redaction process include hashing and encryption components and proprietary terminologies, such as CPT and GCN_SEQNO. It should also be kept in mind that some basic functions in FOIA VistA won't work since they rely on custom VA enterprise software for functions such as a Master Patient Index and copyrighted drug information. In spite of this, the majority of functionality expected in an EMR functions well in FOIA VistA.

OSEHRA makes FOIA VistA available through all our distribution channels, both for transparency and to be able to provide developers and innovators an accurate representation of the software currently executing inside VA.

FOIA VistA Source Code Download Site

This site is provided as a service to the VistA open source community. OSEHRA is working with the Department of Veterans Affairs to become the official site for FOIA VistA download. While awaiting that approval, we are keeping this site current and inviting our users to utilize it. If you would like to receive automated notification of file updates on this site, please click here for notification registration.

FOIA VistA source code -- consisting of the M server components, client software such as CPRS, and patches for the individual packages -- can be accessed from the OSEHRA website at the following directories:

To install the server, go here.

To install the clients, go here.

To install the server using Vagrant, go here.

To get the server as a docker image, go here.

There is no USB image for FOIA VistA. See OSEHRA VistA for the closest thing.