Greetings to the OSEHRA Education Working Group Members - Introduction & Query About 2015 Summit

Hello to all - I am a newbie on this list - but had the opportunity to meet some of you at the Summit last September and am interested in educational aspects of EHRS.  In full disclosure - I am also a new member of the OSEHRA Board of Directors, a prior VA nurse, and now I teach at the University of Michigan in the Schools of Nursing and Medicine. 

I was the PI on one of the HITECH grants that resulted in something called "VistA for Education" (VFE) which was constructed to allow us to teach college students (health professionals and others) how to work with an EHRS.  After years of being a clinician and an educator - I was growing progressively more frustrated with health professional students NOT being exposed to the true workings of EHRS.  IMHO - it resulted in graduates who  did not understand the implications of EHRs on practice, outcomes, funding, etc.  So - VFE came to be and at the University of  Michigan we are working to continue to adapt it and integrate it into our programs.  Thank heavens for VistA -- vendors were not interested in allowing students to muck around under the hood, and commercially available student based EHRS  can be sub-optimal. 

So, that is my introduction.

I know that the 2015 Summit info is up on the OSEHRA site and I suspect a call for abstracts will come out soon - so I am wondering if anyone is thinking about an educational "track" or focus for the Summit?  If so, maybe we could have a discussion on the board? 

Warm Regards & Happy Holidays,

Patti Abbott
University of Michigan