Honoring patient preferences - March 13, 2013

Our patient-centered care working group had a lively discussion this week about how to engage patients who are resistant to using healthcare IT. One suggestion, from Bob Cook, that stood out was to create a 'generic' educational presentation to take to organizations and groups who serve the elderly (one of the most resistant groups, who are also among the greatest users of healthcare services) to demystify HIT and make the case that actively using it will improve their lives and quality of care.

The recording of the session can be accessed here: http://osehra.webex.com/ec0606l/eventcenter/recording/recordAction.do?theAction=poprecord&AT=pb&renewticket=0&isurlact=true&recordID=6543642&apiname=lsr.php&rKey=0e2e28eecc567ce6&format=short&needFilter=false&&SP=EC&rID=6543642&siteurl=osehra&actappname=ec0606l&actname=%2Feventcenter%2Fframe%2Fg.do&rnd=6719381503&entappname=url0108l&entactname=%2FnbrRecordingURL.do

A pdf of the PowerPoint presentation is attached.