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The goal of the Immunization Open Source Project Group is to develop common solutions for immunization and immunization forecasting consistent with VistA and RPMS.  The single deliverable of the Immunization Open Source Project Group is a common solution for immunization and immunization forecasting for all dialects of VistA.

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Code Review Results from IHS KIDS Builds - IMM_0P2.KID and xb0400.kid - By Sam Habiel

The following text is a display of the content from the attached "CACHETRM.LOG" file.
/////Here are the flags the scanners identified. IN the first file, look's like we need to remove the name "Sam" and a phone number? 
/////In the second file, looks like it found some copyrights embedded in the code. Need to know what the redistribution constraints are on those copyrights.