Infobutton code is now available

One of these sources is undoubtedly the Medline Plus that is geared to provide patient information. This was originally a VA Innovations Project and Dr. Theresa Cullen helped to bring it to OSEHRA. Many thanks to the U of Utah. Now to take a look at it! A new submission has been added to the OSEHRA Technical Journal. Title: OpenInfobutton Authors: Abstract: In the last 20 years, researchers have investigated solutions to enable seamless access to online resources within the context of electronic health record (EHR) systems. “Infobuttons” are among these solutions. Based on contextual attributes that describe the EHR user, the patient, and the care setting, infobuttons anticipate clinicians’ information needs and provide automated links to a set of relevant knowledge resources to assist clinical decision support. At this time, OpenInfobutton has been successfully integrated with 38 knowledge resources at 5 large healthcare organizations in the United States. Download and review this publication at: -- Nancy Anthracite