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MedicaSoft delivers solutions for the healthcare industry. We combine more than 12 years of experience in Eastern Europe -- where more over 200 facilities, hospitals, and clinics use our Electronic Health Record software -- with U.S.-based expertise in modern software technology.

This background combines two elements critical in delivering tomorrow’s healthcare:

  1. Modern health IT software completely unencumbered by legacy systems.
  2. A team of developers successfully building products together for over a decade.

Why does that matter?

Most EHRs today are built on older technology. They started many years ago – 20 or 30 years in some cases – and have been extended over the years. Many of them started as billing systems. They’re not easy for doctors and nurses to work with, and the old technology makes them hard to customize and expensive to maintain.

Doctors and hospitals today are adapting to everything from team-based care to new payment models. They need software that is flexible and fits the way they practice medicine. They need to be able to share data between systems so that they can provide the best possible care for their patients. Most software available today wasn’t built for this.

By building software using today’s most modern technology, we are able to provide doctors and nurses with tools that help them focus on taking care of patients while maintaining security and keeping costs down.


MedicaSoft’s new Universal Health Record (UHR) software: NXT

New in 2017, NXT is more than an EHR or PHR. It fills the gaps between PHRs and EHRs to achieve true interoperability. Legacy EHRs with tethered PHRs keep data siloed. There’s no source of truth or shared plan of care across providers. Current care crosses multiple care settings and EHRs. Clinical and claims data is incomplete. There is poor coordination, lack of continuity, and lack of collaboration. In short, sharing data across providers is broken.

NXT is different. It serves patients and providers, is patient and family-centered, works across providers/EHRs, shares patients’ plans of care, and encourages collaboration and continuity.

What makes it different from other technology? It’s cloud-based, truly open and interoperable, includes clinical and claims data, stops forcing clinicians to be clerks, and supports value-based care. The technology behind NXT represents the best in breed in other industries – taking pieces of technology that help other giants like Google, Netflix, LinkedIn, and Wal-Mart be successful – MedicaSoft applied them to healthcare. NXT doesn’t just exchange data, it also takes information being exchanged and transforms it into FHIR documents to create a Universal Health Record for each patient. This makes patients’ records much more easily used, shared, and analyzed, arming care teams with the ability to truly collaborate and deliver better care to patients.

EHR software: ehr.NXT

ehr.NXT is a complete EHR for hospitals and clinics, certified for Meaningful Use. This includes clinical functions like Order Entry and ePrescribing, as well as administrative functions like billing and insurance claims management.

PHR and Patient Portal: HealthCenter

HealthCenter is our Meaningful Use-certified patient portal and Personal Health Record software. HealthCenter has been implemented by hospitals, large employers, and state Health Information Exchanges to give patients a way to manage all of their health information in one place, and to share it with doctors as they choose.

Health Data Exchange

Modern healthcare involves the sharing of health information between doctors, and between doctors and their patients, so that each doctor has a complete picture of the patient’s health. MedicaSoft’s software ties together multiple EHRs so that hospitals and clinics can share health records with each other and with patients.

Direct Secure Messaging: HISP Services

MedicaSoft provides Health Information Service Provider (HISP) Services to clients in need of the secure transmission of sensitive health information. MedicaSoft’s HISP connects to EHRs, patient portals, and other healthcare applications to send and receive health information.


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