MedicaSoft EHR/HIS

Our integrated Hospital Information System (HIS) is a complete, fully-integrated multi-tiered enterprise resource planning (ERP) system built specifically for healthcare organizations. It addresses the management of all clinical and administrative functions for medical enterprises at both the individual practices and large facility level.

A modular, service-oriented architecture provides for a scalable application suite supported by complete, consistent patient records and facilities data.


Medical Imaging

IQPACS is Medicasoft's complete PACS/RIS solution that supports image management and radiology workflow, including patient scheduling and diagnosis. IQPACS supports both standalone operation and full integration with MedicaSoft's HIS. Teleradiology support allows clinicians to collaborate in real time.

IQPACS is fully standards-based and DICOM-compliant and can be easily configured to meet specific clinical and operational requirements.



The intelligent application of information technology to healthcare requires the flexibility to match clinical processes with the power of integrated data and analytics. MedicaSoft's workflow tool, InFlow, provides this capability.

InFlow offers visual design support for creating both workflow and forms and a workflow engine for the execution of rules-based process flows and decision support.





Our Service & Support enables our customers to gain the full benefit - in improved patient outcomes and operating efficiency - from our healthcare solutions. We offer both Implementation Services and Support Services.

Implementation Services:

MedicaSoft's implementation services guide both clinical and administrative staff through the deployment of our solutions, from initial planning through application training.

  • Project Management Services
  • Consulting Services
  • System Integration Services
  • Network Services
  • Application Training Services


Application Development


MedicaSoft provides intelligent solutions that serve the entire spectrum of medical facilities and clinical functions. Our systems are modular and scalable and can be configured to fully respond to the needs of our customers.

Our modular, service-oriented architecture supports the rapid development and integration of new applications.


Recognizing that world class care requires constant innovation, we partner with our customers for the development of new applications in areas such as telehealth, mobile health, and health informatics.


Products and Services: 

Configuration and customization
Integration of external applications
System implementation
EHR Ancillary Systems