Minutes of 3/6/15 Call

Minutes of 3/6/15 Call

Kris urged people to visit the Summit website and register/submit abstracts.

Kris noted that OSEHRA will be exhibiting at HIMSS and bringing the printed infographic (downloadable from the microsite) as well as a business card on OS VistA.

Discussion was had on ways to market OS VistA to EHR decision-makers:

  • they tend to be C-suite decision-makers, not familiar with the particulars of technology
  • their top priority is avoiding (implementation) RISK
  • they are also concerned about having someone to call for support
  • also want to control their own destiny!
  • an expensive, commercial EHR at least gives them someone to blame when problems arise
  • physicians' work has gotten harder as a result of EHR's, reducing quality of care
    • VistA is most preferred by physicians and causes least time-drag
  • open source has a bad rap, even though it increasingly dominates in other arenas (i.e. mobile devices that everyone uses)
    • need educate on how open source is overtaking all arenas, technology of the future
    • research infographics on open source trends
    • OS needs to be on decision-makers' list of things to check out when shopping for an EHR
  • consider not focusing on the open source aspect, like Android doesn't tout OS
  • elevate the notion of interoperability built into the architecture, as opposed to something added on 
  • what role will OS have in EHR transitions?

Look forward to getting together after HIMSS to see what we've learned about how decision-makers are approaching the EHR process.