Minutes - AWG Meeting 02-14-2013 - Special Session on OSEHRA DoD RFI Response



Steve Hufnagel will collect and compile all contributions to the writings of the RFI response into a draft over the weekend.  Steve will present the draft to the group during the AWG meeting on the 19th.  

Contributors will provide their inputs to Steve by the weekend.

Contributor to the RFI response include:

Steve Hufnagel - hufnagels@OSEHRA.org

Rick Marshall

Rob Tweed

Jack Taylor

Rafael Richards

Nancy Anthracite

Ed Ost

Mario Hyland

References to Gartner's report on "Magic Quadrant for Global Enterprise EHR Systems" - courtesy of Jack Taylor

Recording of the meeting: https://osehra.webex.com/osehra/lsr.php?AT=pb&SP=EC&rID=6411942&rKey=8c2311260baf27c4

Presentation slides used during the session -