Minutes for Interoperability meeting August 5

Minutes for Interoperability meeting August 5

Greetings all,

Below are the minutes from the previous IWG meeting, along with a link to the meeting recording.



The OSEHRA Admin Team


Interoperability minutes 08/05/14·     


    Tracking progress and issues

o   Review of past session topics, including governance, defining interoperability, deliverables and potential alliances

·         Integration with other groups

o   Initiative slow to get started, though group should invite industry leaders to get involved

o   Groups the IWG can reach out to include IEEE, ANSI, ONC, HL7, among others

o   Goals of IWG still include publishing white papers

§  Potential paper topics: early detection of interoperability issues and past lessons learned

·         DHA Interoperability (DHITS)

o   Recent conference, main topic of discussion being large procurements to replace current EHRs at DoD

o   A number of Gen 1 RFPs in process, including DHMSM

o   DHMSM projected to have 2.4 billion savings over MHS in the next few years

o   DHA generally unaware of the Interoperability Work Group, but now see an opportunity to work with IWG further.  Would like a briefing in late September

·         Open Source Convention (OSCON)

o   AEGIS participated, uploaded speaker notes and recordings at OSCON website

o   Government in attendance but not heavily represented

o   Main concerns discussed included insurance, CLA and license issues

·         Current representation of IWG at industry events

o   Upcoming events list through February 2015

·         2014 OSEHRA Summit

o   Interoperability and standards track – session segment to be led by Mario Hyland

o   Interoperability-themed lunch table

o   Poster presentation


Link to meeting recording: https://osehra.webex.com/osehra/lsr.php?RCID=1ea6d90a9d12af4debf2c27b652ee35b