Oroville Hospital

Oroville Hospital’s VistA enhancements are focused on improving patient safety, patient satisfaction, and provider and staff satisfaction.  

VistA enhancement development efforts include:

  • ePrescribe module,
  • a real-time patient-dashboard application,
  • pediatric growth chart application,
  • flow sheet application,
  • centralized bed control application and a
  • new scheduling system.

CPOE-related development efforts include, ADT interface into VistA, Sunquest lab system interface, implement VistA imaging, adopted scheduling application developed by Indian Health Service, and custom configured pharmacy system.

Oroville Hospital chose to implement an open source solution to take advantage of the inherent flexibility, have control of their EHR, and have the ability to customize it to fit its needs.  By downloading VistA, Oroville hospital’s implementation has been achieved for less than $13 million, less than a half of the average cost of implementing a proprietary EHR in similar regional hospitals.  Another advantage was Oroville Hospital was able to carry out implementation without any decrease in patient volume and no disruption in cash flow, unlike the implementation of other proprietary software. 

Importantce of OSEHRA

OSEHRA provides a non-governmental steward of the gold standard VistA product.  They allow easy access and contribution to a robust EHR software.  Oroville Hospital has supported OSERHA from the beginning and will continue to support their efforts into the future.

Implementing VistA 

Oroville Hospital was the first hospital in the United States to self-implement VistA.  In 2008 the IT staff downloaded and installed VistA and by 2009 they began to adapt it to fit the needs of the hospital.  This involved phenomenal effort, but resulted in Oroville Hospital having complete control over their EHR system and saved the hospital millions of dollars in implementation and customization costs.  A good part of the money spent in implementing VistA was invested in developing enhancements and add-ons to the open source EHR to make it work better in the hospital.


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