Priority Queue & Status


OSEHRA Certification Priority Queue


Title Sponsor Status Comment Start Date Target Certification Level*
1 Patch XU*8.0*10001: Better VistA support for running on GT.M OSEHRA   This patch provides the following features:

* Many bug fixes to Kernel Routines that work with GT.M, including many speed optimizations.
* IPv6 Support for GT.M.
* Better and faster System Status report.
* Support for GT.M on macOS and GT.M on Cygwin x86-32.
* Implementation of previously redacted code for cryptography in XUSHSH.
* Broker Multi-threaded Listener for GT.M.

10/31/2017 3
2 Radiology Protocol Tool Recorder (RAPTOR) VA Hold - Submitter Input RAPTOR is an automated, electronic tool for capturing data that is needed by radiologists to optimize advanced medical imaging protocols including CT, MRI and nuclear medicine. 10/18/16  
3 OSEHRA popHealth OSEHRA Hold - Submitter Input Open-Source Clinical Quality Measure database and reporting engine with data presented through a web-based interface. It includes a centralized repository of clinical data.   3
4 FOIA VistA
(March 2014 Release)
VA  Hold - Submitter Input Problem List issue - waiting for resolution from VA Product Development group 4/7/14 1

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OSEHRA Certified Applications


Submission Organization Description Language Certification Date Certification Level*
Problem List Refactoring

PWC More modular and readable Problem List code M August 2013 2
Appointment Postcard  Notification Letter v4.0

VA (Class III) Improved appointment letters for the Scheduling package M, Javascript August 2013 2
VA Enterprise VistA
(Increment 4 - Phase 1)
VA The standard version adopted by the Department of Veterans Affairs for all 133 VA Medical Center VistA instances. M June 2014 1
OpenInfoButton VHA/University of Utah Based on contextual attributes that describe the EHR user, the patient, and the care setting, infobuttons anticipate clinicians’ information needs and provide automated links to a set of relevant knowledge resources to assist clinical decision support. M, Java, Other August 2014 3
M-Unit VistA Expertise Network The M-Unit package provides the ability to run unit tests on M code for a program. M September 2014 4
VA Enterprise VistA
(Increment 4 - Phase 2)
VA The standard version adopted by the Department of Veterans Affairs for all 133 VA Medical Center VistA instances. M October 2014 1
VA Enterprise VistA
(Increment 4 - Phase 3)
VA The standard version adopted by the Department of Veterans Affairs for all 133 VA Medical Center VistA instances. M January 2015 1
XU Digital Signature OSEHRA Three files to provide the interface between Delphi executables and the built-in Windows security functions released under the Apache 2.0 license Delphi April 2015 4
Increase Enrollment - My HealtheVet VA To streamline the education of patients on MHV, VA requires a prompt in the VistA pre-registration screen to indicate both the Veterans' desire to participate in the MHV program as well as their current MHV status. M April 2015 4
Enhanced XML Utilities for VistA VistA Expertise Network An upgraded MXML package to include

- Templating tools
- XPath searching of documents
- XML Authoring facilities
- Bug fixes

M July 2015 3
MSC FIleman 22.2 VistA Expertise Network Enhancements and to Fileman done for various clients (notably, Cairo Cancer Center, City of Berkley, and Medsphere Corporation); enhancements done for the VISTA community; various bug fixes reported by the VISTA Community that have not been incorporated to VA Fileman 22.0 as currently deployed in the VA. M July 2015 2
OSEHRA Patch Module 2.5 VistA Expertise Network The Patch Module is a software package that allows users and developers to create, revise, distribute, review, and receive software patches and updates for VistA. Options are provided for systematic entry, revision, and review of patches by developers, review and release of patches by verifiers, and display and distribution of the released patches to the users. M August 2015 3
Code Convergence - Inactive Allergies and Sign/Symptoms are selectable fix OSEHRA This patch issues a modification to one routine, HDISVF01, in the HEALTH DATA & INFORMATICS Package. 
The modification ensures that only active allergies will be selectable from the GMR ALLERGIES File (#120.82) and 
only active sign/symptoms from the SIGNS/SYMPTOMS file (120.83).
M September 2015 4
Problem List Infinite Loop when removing and re-adding a problem OSEHRA

Problem List, formerly certified as part of OSEHRA VistA, now raises an error.  In routine GMPLRPTR, there is an infinite loop at entry point REPLACE


M October 2015 4
M-Unit Test (V 0.2) J. Ivey The M-Unit package provides the ability to run unit tests on M code for a program. M November 2015 4
M-Unit Test (V 1.3) J. Ivey The M-Unit package provides the ability to run unit tests on M code for a program. M January 2016 4
CPRS Medication Dialog Complex Order Fixes DSS Complex Orders for Medication (i.e. those that has use the "complex" dialog when ordering a medication in CPRS) did not calculate correct start dates in many circumstances; and the expected start date on the ordering dialog sometimes was incorrect as well. M January 2017 2
Maternity Tracker OSEHRA/DSS The Maternity Tracker project addresses the gaps in VistA for Maternity Tracking and Monitoring through a combination of field tested enhancements for better screening, tracking, monitoring, and sharing of maternity data. Also addressed were, improving women Veterans’ access to earlier prenatal care, complete post-partum care, and educational information with an emphasis on care coordination in and outside of the VA.  M,C# May 2017 2
VFD*15.0*123 - Auto Resize Margins to fit Terminal Size DSS Many modern applications that use terminals (e.g. Midnight Commander, vim, emacs) are able to resize themselves to take all the available real-estate on the screen. This has not been done in VISTA world by and large, except by creating special terminal types. The changes in build VFD*15.0*123 make a few adjustments in %ZIS3, %ZIS4, and VALM0 and VALM1 in order to be able to use all the available screen real estate. M June 2017 3
Prostate Clinical Outlook Visualization System OSEHRA The Prostate Clinical Outlook Visualization System (PCOVS) was developed to provide the patient and the clinician with a tool to visualize probable treatment outcomes using institutional, patient specific data for comparing results of treatment. R July 2017 2
M-Unit Test 1.5 J. Ivey The M-Unit package provides the ability to run unit tests on M code for a program. M August 2017 4
Victory Programming Environment OSEHRA VPE consists of a number of integrated programmer utilities that will increase productivity and decrease the number of key strokes required to complete normal programming tasks in the VISTA environment. Contrary to its name, VPE is not only for programmers. Many people perform technical tasks from programmer mode because it is so powerful. Think of VPE as enhanced programmer mode and then you will see that it is ideal for anyone who regularly operates in programmer mode. M October 2017 3

Download the official OSEHRA Certification Standards document for a detailed description of the process and criteria used.