OSEHRA Education Portal


Welcome to the OSEHRA Education Portal. This community resource is maintained by the OSEHRA staff, and contains content from OSEHRA, its members, and the community at large.  It provides a first stop for anyone interested in learning more about open source and electronic health records, particularly VA’s VistA. Thank you to all who have contributed.


High-level list of terms associated with OSEHRA and the many related topics that are commonly found on our website.

Sample EHR Curriculum for Developers & Informaticists (NEW!)

Provides two different curriculum tracks. The developer curriculum outlines an in-depth learning order with material provided for each VistA related topic. The informaticist curriculum includes modules based on general EHR usability with some emphasis on configuring VistA. Though the proposed EHR curriculum is meant to be introductory, there can be a steep learning curve to get through all of the material.

OSEHRA Educational Video Content

Video archive of informative videos ranging from general open source overviews to technical EHR development training. Technical topics include training for VistA, MUMPS, Reminders, Tools, and Certification.

ViViaN Tutorial Video (NEW!)

A step-by-step walkthrough of OSEHRA's ViViaN (Visualizing VistA And Namespace) tool created by the Visualization Open Source Project Group. The tutorial presentation slides can also be found here.

myVeHU Campus Training (NEW!)

OSEHRA has catalogued a large excerpt of training materials from the popular myVeHU (VA eHealth University) Campus program. The archive focuses on several technical areas of VistA. Choose to view All Content or view by topic areas Alerts/Reminders, Basics, Coding, CPRS, Fileman, Pharmacy, or Miscellaneous.

Documentation Library

Contains supplemental VistA-related documentation, including VA reference material, and links to OSEHRA tools.

CPRS Tab-by-Tab

Step-by-step walkthrough of VistA's Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) graphical interface. Provided and hosted by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), this Flash web player allows the user to interact with the learning modules as they follow along with the curriculum.