Patient Centered Care WG meeting, 11 September 2013

Today after a discussion of some of the dos and don'ts of developing and using HIT (PowerPoint and resources attached below),  we were fortunate to hear form a new voice from the VA. At the OSEHRA Summit last week, Tony Dunnigan joined with Chris Rhodes, Maureen Coyle, Paul Nichol, and Curtis Anderson to present a panel on VA's VistA Product Roadmap. As he said, we are cautiously optimistic about the new open source community cooperative model being able to change some of the VA processes from cumbersome and unnecessarily obstructive to something more agile and open. The first big hurdle on their plate is to actually bring in software from OSEHRA and distribute it throughout the VA Enterprise VistA system. Although many are clamoring for Fileman 22.2, Tony believes that a smaller, less critical package would be better for the first try - opening minds and doors while establishing new processes and procedures.

As a brief recap of the Summit, it was well-attended and very interesting from start to finish. The first day consisted of tutorials covering topics of consuming interest to the community, from the mechanics of making code contributions and the legalities of licensing to the ever-popular how to make money and managing the community. The second day was the plenary session and provided a veritable who's who in the world of health information technology and open source software - including corporate, state and federal government, and even international agency representatives. The presentations on the third day were also diverse, with so many on such compelling topics that it was hard to decide which ones to attend. I highly recommend looking for and playing whichever recorded sessions interest you as soon as the OSEHRA staff makes them available.