Population Health Analytics Meeting Minutes – 4/8/2015

Population Health Analytics Meeting Minutes – 4/8/2015

·         Technical Group Update

o   Committed two pull requests on the master branch

o   Reporting period changes – now flexible

o   Incorporated updates from components managed by the Cypress Project

o   Next pull request – have a downloadable spreadsheet for measure dashboard

·         Steering Group Update

o   Increase in participants (also in tech group)

o   Roadmap construction underway

o   Presentation of the group at the OSEHRA Summit

·         ONC update

o   Document regarding popHealth certification issues – awaiting permission to release, will be discussed further in the Steering group

o   Project with healthcare transparency – project to test what measures can be used from data from CCDs

§  Maryland, Illinois, Texas, Alabama, HRSA, and Connecticut working on same/similar projects, will continue this discussion offline – to be set up by Jackie Mulhall

o   Integrating open source alternative to Ruby on popHealth, will be demo-ready in June

·         Review of state goals to incorporate into the roadmap

o   OSEHRA will provide technical, management infrastructure

o   Wyoming – utilize popHealth to aggregate statewide clinical quality data, provide non-EHR incentive payment through a reimbursement for demonstrating quality care, allow provider-level analysis of CQM

o   Connecticut – subset of state’s goals listed. Centralized popHealth implementation for FQHCs, expand overall use of popHealth, collaboration with other stakeholders

o   Alabama – organized into short and long-term objectives.

o   Texas – make popHealth more useful for provider practices

·         Organizing goals (Milestones/Goal Consensus) – possibility to create a wiki to allow public access to the goals and roadmap

o   Sample template provided for organizing goals

o   Splitting goals into long and short term goals is essential for roadmap timing and determination of milestones

o   Determining if and which goals are shared between multiple groups will aid prioritization

·         Upcoming Events

o   Next meeting – May 13 2pm

§  Will continue roadmap process

o   2015 OSEHRA Summit – hoping to have multiple sessions on popHealth, attendance encouraged

o   Innovation Webinar April 21 with Dr. James Bush presenting