Pusan National University Hospital

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South Korea

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Currently, the medical environment in Korea is rapidly changing.
There are a lot of efforts to develop new medical industry by centralization of patients of severe diseases in the capital area, rapid development of silver medical industry and activation of complex and mediation research. In the changes, it is required for PNUH to re-establish the role as the regional hub hospital.

Meeting its 60th anniversary, PNUH has advanced local medical service by opening centers specialized in main diseases like Yangsan Medical Campus, Trauma Center and Regional Center for Respiratory Diseases, etc. PNUH will return the best medical service to the community in return of your support for the development.

Based on the efforts for the last years, PNUH is promoting the five business goals to increase its brand value trusted by the nation as the best hospital that respects the life. 

1. ‘Patient-oriented Examination’ with innovative examination process
2. Training and activating complex medical industry 
3. ‘Harmonious organization culture’ with communication and sympathy
4. Public medical service for local community
5. Training ‘Global Medical Leaders’ 

As the best regional hub hospital in the South-east area, Pusan National University Hospital will realize the five business goals and becomes a proud and trustful hospital to the community and the public medical institute to the nation for the future.