RAPTOR (Radiology Protocol Tool and Recorder)

RAPTOR (RAdiology Protocol TOol and Recorder) is a VA innovation software development project that utilizes mature open source tools (Drupal 7, Apache, MySQL, PHP, d3) and open standards to leverage existing VA enterprise health information systems (VistA CRPS & Imaging), shared services (MDWS), and web-based delivery to provide a versatile, extensible, and scalable computerized system which optimizes safety, quality and efficiency of advanced medical imaging workflow for VA pilot facilities. 
RAPTOR was honored as one of the Top 5 Medical Imaging IT Projects by the Society of Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM), an international society of imaging informatics professionals and the Radiology Business Journal (RBJ). 
RAPTOR will replace inefficient paper-based protocol assignment processes, improve radiologist and department efficiency, benefit patient safety, and audit patient consent. 
Andrew Casertano & Frank Font
S.A.N. Business Consultants
Imaging (D1)
White Oak A