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Jason, This is absolutely amazing. It makes understanding VISTA much easier to outsiders. I hope you won't blush, but this is one of the biggest advances in VISTA documentation ever. Sam On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 11:58 AM, Jason Li wrote: > > > ---------- Forwarded message ---------- > From: > Date: Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 2:54 PM > Subject: [visualization] VIVIAN Recent Updates > To: Visualization Open Source Project Group > > > > For those who do not attend the Visualization Open Source Project Group > meeting regularly, the following is the summary of the latest updates: > > > > VIVIAN is moving to a new website ( Unlike > the old link, the new website name is more straightforward and easy to > remember. If you have a bookmark that points to the old site, it might be a > good time to update it. > > UI Enhancement: > > A new navigation bar has been added with links to all visualization work > completed so far. > > Some minor layout tweaks. > > VistA Menu Visualization Enhancement: > > Following up on the VistA EVE Menu tree, I added an autocomplete input box > which now contains all the top level VistA Menus plus “Core > Application”/XUCORE and “MailMan Menu”/XMUSER. The autocomplete input box > accepts either menu text or menu option name. Selecting a menu option from > autocomplete input will update the menu tree visualization with the root > node that you select. > > Again, you can always mouse over any of the entries in the tree to see the > menu option name and the security key (if any). Click on an item to see the > menu option details. > > VHA Business Function Framework Visualization Demo: > > Following a very informative presentation of Business Function Framework by > Donna Marcum of VHA Business Reference Architecture Group and a blog by Mike > Henderson > (, I > parsed out the data from the VHA BFF version 2.6 excel spreadsheet and > generated the tree graph. You can download BFF release 2.6 files here. The > BFF visualization will be updated accordingly when the semi-annual release > is made available to OSEHRA. > > Click on a text item to bring a modal window with detailed description and > commentary. > > VistA Package Dependencies Visualization: > > VistA is a complex EHR system that consists of hundreds of > packages(modules). A nice visualization of interrelationships among those > packages would definitely help people to have a better understanding of the > VistA. Although I developed dox tool ( to > visualize the individual package, it still lacks an overall picture. > > Inspired by the work I found at, I used > the dox tool to generate VistA packages inter-dependencies in json format > and generate the dependency circular plot. > > Mouse over any of the packages in this graph to see incoming links > (dependents) in green and the outgoing links (dependencies) in red. Click on > any of the packages to view package dependency details. > > Thanks > > I would like to thank OSEHRA team members and David Whitten for numerous > suggestions/feedbacks on VIVIAN. Also, thank you to the VHA Business > Reference Architecture Group for providing the BFF release data and valuable > feedback. > > Promote content > Featured content: > Not Featured > > -- > Full post: > Manage my subscriptions: > Stop emails for this post: > > > > > -- > Jason Li > R&D Engineer > Kitware, Inc. > Tel: (518)-881-4421 > > -- > Full post: > > Manage my subscriptions: > Stop emails for this post: > >