Re: [EXTERNAL] [education] Site Name and Number Spaces

Within VA, that's me. Julie S. Harvey - From my Blackberry From: chris_edkins [] Sent: Thursday, January 23, 2014 08:52 AM To: Education Subject: [EXTERNAL] [education] Site Name and Number Spaces It has been the the practice in the past for VistA that sites be allocated a namespace and file range for developing content that is specific to their system, so that it will not colide with national releases or content developed at other sites. I know there has been rescent effort to eliminate class 3 software and bring useful content into the core. Is there still a place for namespaces and file ranges for site specific content, and if so who is now allocating those letters and numbers? Promote content Email this post to members of all groups: No -- Full post: Manage my subscriptions: Stop emails for this post: