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Hi all, Igor -- in your case I think modality refers to the data source the MDWS is talking to. In the getVHA() call, each datasourceTO (TO == Transfer Object) has a protocol/modality pair that tells you how you're talking to the data source and what the data source is. Most sites in the VA will have a VISTA (as in "VistA RPC listener")/HIS ("Health Information System") entry as well as an HL7/HIS entry, but some sites also have imaging data sources and may have something like ISITE/Radiology for the protocol/modality pair of elements. So, the getVHA() call gets you the contents of the VhaSites.xml configuration file that tells MDWS what it can talk to. If you are using MDWS in front of VistAs outside of the VA, then the contents of the file and the results of the call will be different. BTW for all interested in troubleshooting info: most of the MDWS calls call into VistA's RPC listener. When somebody's MDWS client application isn't connecting and it's "MDWS fault", the first thing I traditionally ask them is if they can get results from getVHA() -- via Internet Explorer, for instance -- because MDWS is only reading from an XML file on the MDWS server's local hard drive. The call is available on all of the MDWS facades, if I recall correctly. If that works, it's most likely not "MDWS's fault." The other dead giveaway is when the person also announces that CPRS is down for that site... ;-) hope this helps, van. From: Apache [] On Behalf Of Mike Henderson Sent: Thursday, March 20, 2014 5:54 AM To: Subject: [EXTERNAL] Re: [mdws] Retrieving Modality from MDWS Modality can also refer to the type of equipment used to perform an imaging procedure. Mike Henderson, FHL7 Director, Open Source Product Management OSEHRA 900 N. Glebe Road, Suite 4-016 Arlington, VA 22203 USA (o) +1 571 858-3383 (m) +1 240 351-5908 On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 4:52 PM, igor.b wrote: Thank you! Would you know by any chance which web service/method retrieves this information? I searched through WSDL of EMR service and Query service, and modality there is only describing "DataSourceTO" - it's probably something else altogether. -- Full post: Manage my subscriptions: Stop emails for this post:


Retrieving Modality

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Thank you for the detailed explanation! It does help.


Looking for info on Accessing fileman calls directly

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I have been told this can be done. I'm helping a project that is not authorized to make any changes to MDWS no new anything and they need data from 4 files not extracted in current extracts. Is there a way to access FileMan data calls with MDWS again I was told it can be done but can't find any reference anywhere to how. Any help or direction is greatly appreciated. Thank you