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Her is one of the links just in case I did not post one previously. says-hitech-act-qualifications-may-not-be-met-without-vendor-relationship/ -- Nancy Anthracite On Thursday, March 14, 2013, jjensen wrote: > Thanks, Nancy, > > You are right, this is an alarming development, and certainly has the > potential to throw a wrench in the works of open source HIT. -- Jenny > Jensen > > > > -- > Full post: > > [1] > Manage my subscriptions: > [2] > Stop emails for this post: > [3] > > [1] > > s-fyi [2] > [3] -------------------------------------------------------


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The recent change in US Patent law - to allow the first filer, who may or may not be the actual originator, to recieve the patent for an invention - at first seemed to make this situation even worse. However, in reading the text of the law, I was reassured by a paragraph that stipulates that any instance of the patented item that was in public use more than one year prior to the patent date is not subject to penalties. Here is a link to an article in Forbes that clearly explains how the changes work (or are supposed to work):