Reminders VA Work Group

The purpose of this group is to facilitate software development with the Reminders Group at VA, by applying open development methodologies compatible with open source practices, that will engage the larger community of participants external to the VA.

Developers from the Reminders Group in the VA have been given permission by General Counsel and OI&T  from the VA to work with the open source community only on funded projects where there are overlaps with the open source community during their normal working hours.  They may expose their code on github. 

The outcome of this group will be two-fold: On one hand it will create a venue for cross-community communication and code sharing for ongoing work being done by the VA reminders group.  On the other hand, this code sharing will facilitate the implementation of  functionalities required for Meaningful Use 2 certification, that will be of great use for the open source community.

The initial focus of the group will be on implementing ease of importing new taxonomies into VistA with a particular focus on allowing importation of a few hundred code sets as taxonomies associated with Meaningful Use 2014 Quality Measures.


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