Research Data Mashups for Open Science

Reusable, publicly available data is a key element of open science. The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA), an open information service to support cancer research, has implemented a RESTful interface to facilitate programmatic access.  Based on the open source Bindaas platform, the TCIA programmatic interface supports data mashups among a variety of information resources.  Most significantly, a single query can access the Cancer Genome Atlas repository to identify cohorts of subjects and then use these results to retrieve both gene expression data and the medical images from TCIA that were used to diagnose the cancer.  Such data mashups are just beginning to come on-line and offer tremendous promise for the advancement of cancer research.  The open source tools used to implement cross-platform data fusion should also prove of value for clinical information integration.

Fred Prior, Ph.D., Stephen Moore, Ashish Sharma, Ph.D.
Washington University School of Medicine, Emory University
Imaging (D1)
White Oak A
Fred Prior
Washington University School of Medicine
Stephen Moore
Washington University School of Medicine