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SooSang ST. has the vision aiming at 'Technologies for Human and Society', developing hardwares and softwares in synthetical manners followed by products that provide customers with both analogue and digital sentiments. For last several years we have grown rapidly by developing, with our own technology, different kinds of modules for hardware controlling and remote monitoring, with which we applied to smart products, combined with IT technology. With these know-hows for years in smart product development, now, we are about to launch 'Moppy Pet', smart robot for children, and 'SecuRing', smart accessory for self-protection. 

SecuRing SecuRing is a concealed type smart product for personal protection to be put on a user's body, sending an automatic message to his/her parents or guardian when dangerous situations detected. The user can ask help in an emergency situation through his/her smart phone paired with Securing while the attacker unaware of it. Wearable products have recently come out not only among global IT companies but among clothing markets, with their prospective potentials in the global markets. SecuRing is specified in the areas of security and health, becoming more powerful when paired with smart phones. Berg insight, a famous market analyzer company, predicted that wearable global markets with 8.3 million shipments in 2012 would grow up to 64 million device shipments by the end of 2017. SecuRing is a useful product in countries like US where possession of arms is legal, getting a lot of attentions in near future due to its uniqueness. Category : Smart alert device Feature : A service that provides an emergency alert to the registered user through a self-protection terminal equipment like a wrist watch in case of an emergency by sensing shock from the outside. Specification Size : 15.5~18cm Main Board : BTAVR-BT4.0 Motion Sensor, Single push-button interface, Vibrating motor for nitifications, Rechargeable battery. For more information, see the product list here.

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