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VistA Novo: Open Source VistA Developer Toolkit

The VistA Novo project is investigating the feasibility of an open source VistA developer toolkit with the goal of allowing developers working in the open source community to use and contribute to VistA capabilities using mainstream architectural approaches and modern programming languages. The VistA Novo project is funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Architecture, Strategy, and Design (ASD) organizaiton with the targeted outcome of achieving technical contributions to accelerate open source VistA's ability to successfully server our nation and share information with entities that do not use VistA.

Key features of VistA Novo include:

  • RESTful Interface: Scalable and stateless, easy for all types of devices to access, from service to mobile devices and sensors.
  • Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR): Applications can access authoritative clinical data from VistA using an HL7 open standards-based format and HL7 code generator with new JavaScript module ensures FHIR code is always up-to-date with HL7 standards.
  • Foundation for API of APIs: Provides a potential basis for VA App Store and ensures apps only use authoritative VistA-based services.
  • Open Source VistA Developer Toolkit: Using mainstream technologies such as JavaScript and Ruby on Rails opens doors for innovation by open source developers to contribute to VistA without requiring MUMPS knowledge.

Additional information about VistA Novo is available in an overview presentation.

Phase 1: Proof of Concept

The first phase of this project is near-term activity to implement an open source VistA developer toolkit proof of concept, initially focused on the use of JavaScript to build applications on top of VistA. Two specific components developed under Phase 1 are:

  1. A Test Stub that mocks the prospective behavior of services built on top of VistA that may not yet exist and can be used by application developers to test their JavaScript applications.
  2. A FHIR implementation to make available VistA test health data following the FHIR specification.

The products from the first phase include proof of concept capabilities for an open source VistA developer toolkit with sufficient source code to verify the toolkit approach and viability. This includes services to expose VistA data following the FHIR specification, a backend that can invoke VistA-based services to populate FHIR-based data models, and a testing stub to simulate VistA based services. The first release of these products occurred in January 2014.

For additional information about the results of Phase 1, see the announcement of the first release of VistA Novo and demo presentation.

Project Resources

  • Code Repositories:
    • Test Stub:
    • FHIR Implementation:
  • Wiki:
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Intro to VistA

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Hi all,

I am a UG (in Computer Science) student in India and I am working with a professor from Florida Atlantic University, FL. I recently installed World VistA EHR on my Linux VM. Before that, I had also studied about SMART and their FHIR concept. I had used the sandbox provided by them to get access to sample data (also which they provide) and performed some analysis on them using Python. My current aim is to study about the VistA EHR and also study about its integration with SMART's FHIR concept. So, I searched about it and I came to know about VistA Novo.

1. Can someone provide me some links/materials where I can study about Novo from scratch? 

2. Also, I visited he github links I found in the website and I noticed that there has been no activity since past 2 years. Is something wrong?

Thank You


VA ASD Brown Bag: VistA Novo Open Source Project

You are invited to participate in an VA Architecture, Strategy and Design (ASD) Brown Bag on Thursday, January 9 from 12:00-1:00 pm EST. This Brown Bag will feature a presentation by David Hill, Project Lead of VistA Novo. VistA Novo is a new OSEHRA open source project to create an open source toolkit developers can use to build VistA-based applications using mainstream development environments. Further information about the project is available at: Microsoft Lync details to participate in the Brown Bag are below. Join online meeting

VistA Novo Overview at OSEHRA Architecture Working Group

Thank you to everyone that participated in the VistA Novo Overview presentation at yesterday's OSEHRA Architecture Working Group. It was great to see the level of interest and discussion on the project. The slides presented yesterday are available at: We welcome additional feedback on the project, including areas of the project that you'd like to learn more about either through the mailing list, documentation or future presentations. Salim
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