VistA Resources

VistA Architecture

VistA "as-is" System Architecture Reference

The VistA System Architecture (SA) model is both a tool and documentation based-on and including links-to the VA VistA documentation library.  The VistA SA tool will contain architectural artifacts, including but-not-limited to:

  1. VistA  Components modeled as UML classes, showing
  2. Component descriptions and functions
  3. Component-to-component dependencies
  4. Component-to-data dependencies
  5. Appropriate Links to VistA Documentation Library

OSEHRA VistA Visual Cross Reference

OSEHRA VistA Visual Cross Reference documentation is generated with the results of XINDEX and FileMan Data Dictionary utility running against the VistA code base pulled from the repository.  This documentation provides direct dependency information among packages, among FileMan files, between globals and routines, as well as direct call/caller graphs and source code for individual routine.


A visual dependency analysis tool that uses the data from DOX to generate graphs to illustrate connections between different software compoents.


VistA Initial Configuration

This page tells you how to configure a new VistA instance from scratch.

Technical Manuals

The VistA Document Library contains technical manuals on how to administer and use many of the parts of VistA.

Package Set-up Lists

Set-up lists for turning on a VistA package online for the very first time.

FlyDoc's Vistapedia Pages

Various tiny snippets of documentation for configuring and using VistA. Not high quality--mostly unformatted text. Needs some love.

IntraCare Implementation Log

Extracts from the hardhats mailing list for real implementation issues. Not high quality--mostly unformatted text. Needs some love.

Sam's Vistapedia Pages

High quality content that mostly deals with pharmacy set-up or VistA system administration.

Nancy's VistA Server

The famous self-hosted server that contains a lot of documents, programs, and documentation not hosted elsewhere.



M Lessons for beginners from Dr. Luis Ibanez.


Wikipedia Entry on MUMPS, highlights language history and basic syntax.

The annotated MUMPS standards

Publicly available reference guide for MUMPS standard.

MUMPS Documentation

Publicly available overview of MUMPS language.

Standard MUMPS Pocket Guide

Book published by VistA Expertise Network outlining standard MUMPS Syntax.

VA Standards and Conventions (SAC)

Department of Veterans Affairs M Programming Standards and Conventions

Pioneer MUMPS Training

Pioneer Data Systems offers MUMPS programming training classes.

Sam Habiel's Incomplete Book: Chapter 1

Hopefully it won't be incomplete anymore. This chapter gives you a friendly introduction to the M language.

Sam Habiel's YouTube 20-class Mumps Lectures

These lectures were recorded. The quallity of the first three recordings is not very good--the ones after that are better.

Other VistA Programming Topics

Fileman HTML Documentation

Complete Fileman Documentation in HTML format. Updated beyond the VA documentation.

Kernel HTML Documentation

API Listing Documentation.

Fileman Tutorial for new VistA Programmers

Written by Sam Habiel for the Informatics Program at SUNY Albany taught by Dr. Luis Ibanez.

RPC Broker Programming in Delphi Video

Taught by Dr. Kevin Toppenberg, a virtuoso VistA Delphi programmer.

RPC Broker Delphi SDK Documentation

The documentation for programming against VistA using Delphi.

Kevin's Programming VistA Vistapedia Pages

Pages on a random selection of programming topics in VistA maintained by Dr. Kevin Toppenberg.

User Introductions to VistA

Getting Started in VISTA

Getting Started in VISTA is intended for new end users of VISTA. It provides a basic introduction to VISTA's standard (non-Windows) user interface, and covers such topics as signing on, navigation, getting help, and using the native text editors. It provides a brief introduction to Mailman, but does not introduce any other specific VISTA package or application.

Fileman Introductory Texts for End Users

This page contains re-written introductory manuals for Fileman.

Project Management Guides for VistA

VISTA Mastery

Written especially for project managers and anyone with oversight of VISTA projects, VISTA Mastery provides a thorough overview of a working VISTA system, and explains how to leverage VISTA's unique features for long-term success.

Additional Resources

OSEHRA Workgroups and Forums

The OSEHRA Forums and Workgroups cover a broad range of topics relating to VistA.

Hardhats Community

The Hardhats community is a large and active mailing list focused on VistA.


This WorldVistA-maintained resource provides valuable information on VistA configuration and installation.

VistA Extension Hub

The DSS-maintained VistA Extensions Hub contains a trove of information on VistA, with a great number of recorded webinars and an active community of participants.