VistA System Test Platform Project: 5/24/13 Status Update


To provide a brief update on this project’s current status, most of the test development and execution runs in parallel with our development team's refactoring/API creation efforts; the test team uses an extensible automated test framework (ATF) - previously contributed to OSEHRA - that is then tailored to whatever VistA package/module is being worked by our development team. The following are links to those respective OTJ submissions in the queue for certification (including documentation, refactored/API code, and testing code):

Problem List Refactoring API:

Registration Package Refactoring API:

Scheduling Refactoring API:

We also have an OTJ contribution for the roll-and-scroll recorder (RASR), an extension to the ATF, here:

As for our test team’s next steps, we are currently adding web application test support using Selenium and Sikuli to the ATF, and anticipate making an OTJ submission within the next few months.

Stay tuned for more updates!