vxVistATM by DSS

vxVistATM is based on FOIA VistA, but adds a lot of capabilities to allow organizations large and small to run VistA. Some of capabilities that vxVistATM brings to the table are:

  • Full Encryption and proper hashing, where needed, for data at rest and in transit
  • Ability to register patients from CPRS or via HL7 messages
  • ADT functionality via HL7 messages
  • HIPPA compliance achievable using the vxROI product marketed by DSS
  • E-Prescribing and automated medication finishing for small sites
  • Patient picture integration
  • Outpatient medication administration recording and tracking
  • Commerical support available
  • Enhanced labeling for lab and pharmacy
  • NDC capture for inpatient and outpatient Pharmacy
  • WHO or CDC growth charts
  • Data segregation for multidivisional access to VistA
  • Ability to record and identify program codes for family planning, HIV/STD, immunization and environmental epidemiology to increase efficiency and revenue.
  • Use of site specific lab requisition printing for increased flexibility
  • Ability to plug-in various products produced by DSS--many of which are used by the VA:

More information on vxVistATM can be found here.

To install the server, go here.

To install the clients, go here.

To install the server using Vagrant, go here.

To get the server as a docker image, go here.

To get the a USB image with the server and the clients, go here.