Weekly Working Group Call, May 29, 2013 Notes

We had a lively discussion about some of the topics raised at WorldVistA's 27th VistA Community meeting at George Mason University, May 20-22, especially the ramifications of the Secretary of Defense's memo announcing that there would be a commercial competition for a new EHR for the DoD. Another, related topic was that of the recent announcement that Indian Health Service clinics are authorized to treat Veterans in remote, underserved areas, and bill the VA for their care, which is a development that puts new urgency on the code convergence and My HealthiVet redesign projects. Since IHS uses RPMS, ensuring that a common code base is used will make it easier to share records, and a redesigned MHV that can both receive from and export to VistA and RPMS instances would make consolidating records a reality.

My 'tickler' deck and a copy of the Secretary's memo are attached below, also a listing of all of the existing HIEs - interesting reading....