Back End tracking


While talking last night with Bill, it seems there should be a way to find out what new groups have been created just by polling the database that keeps a UID for such things, and looking for changes, and telling me when groups get created (if we can't moderate group creation ab initio). This might help keep tabs on things that are "ultra private because they're shady operations."

As far as OSEHRA becoming a silent depository for "inappropriate content," could we track these averages:

                - size of files uploaded

                - number of download connections to a file hosted here (of course, with "everybody wants one" releases we could perhaps have a whitelist of file-owners like luis ibanez and larry tarbox)

 and then have the system email me when something caps a standard deviation of the running average?

Please let me know your thoughts.




This is a test

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Tom Munnecke [] wrote:

it is agonizingly slow for me, as well...

and can we lose the Capta when posting a reply?  We're already signed in...

and can we fix the problem that clicking on help while editing a document clobbers the document in progress?


I'm doing this as a reply to see the capcha.   Given that we are monitoring the site, can we remove the Captcha from replies or will we really be opening the door for a deluge?


Do those of you who are not at WU see the horrible performance that is gathering a rather large and unfriendly amount of momentum in the community?