Community Enablement Plan and White Paper Comments

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Initial Reaction/Comment to Community Enablement Plan

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This is just a quick reaction to the draft planning document. It also gives me a chance to test out some of the interactive features on this web site.

The overall vision of the plan is very ambitious and encompasses a much wider community than previous efforts that have been more limited and very VistA focused. The plan does recognize, though, that you start with the VistA community and then work outwards to include more and more participants over time. Eventually tapping into the dozens of other robust open source and public domain projects/communities is great, e.g. OpenEMR, OpenMRS, Mirth, Eclipse, OSCAR, ClearMedica, Epi Info, caBIG, etc.  (Suggest checking the resources identified on Open Health News web site).

On the mundane level, the draft plan still needs a lot of refinement re: length of document, lists of organizations, etc. I look forward to seeing the final copy of version 1.0 of the plan, incorporating other suggestions from the growing list of OSEHRA community members.

Good job on the first iteration of the OSEHRA web site and plans for future enhancements.