Excellent Videos from Open Source Forum talks at CeBIT 2012, 6-10 March 2012 in Germany



Please see links below published by  The H Open Source to excellent quality talks, in video, from the recent CeBIT 2012 conferece in Germany.  

I especially recommend the keynote talk by Jon "maddog" Hall, Linux International, "Introduction to Open Source and "Free Software" for business people" ...




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Videos of Open Source Forum talks from CeBIT 2012

Video versions of all talks given at the Open Source Forum at the recent CeBIT conference in Germany have been uploaded and can be streamed free of charge from a page on the Linux Magazin web site. Several of these talks are in English, including the keynote by Jon "maddog" Hall and Klaus Knopper's introduction to Knoppix 7....See link to The H Open article and videos at: http://www.h-online.com/open/news/item/Videos-of-Open-Source-Forum-talks-from-CeBIT-2012-1476671.html