Beyond the name is there a functional/purposeful difference between github.com/OSEHR and github.com/OSEHRA?



Sandbox and Official

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Hi Chris,


Yes, there is a functional purpose t the OSEHR organization in github, as a parallel space to OSEHRA.


The rationale is that in OSEHR we have a more informal space for rapidly bringing new code into the public arena, where it can be shared and improved. This is along the lines of a Sandbox, where things can be in early stages of development, but are ready to benefit from other developers and users looking at them.


The OSEHRA space on the other hand is focused on the more official and stable elements of the ecosystem, such as the VistA FOIA release and its associated testing infrastructure.


By having these two spaces, we can address Agile contributions in an informal environment (at OSEHR), and at the same time have a well organized, structured and more procedural environment for taking good care of VistA (at OSEHRA).


We anticipate that in many cases, contributions may move from OSEHR to OSEHRA (something that can easily be done by forking projects from one organization to the other).

[Side note: to clarify that "forking" in github is a git-friendly process, and not the dramatic event that is usually associated with the fracturing of a community. "Cloning" would be a better term, but it is already taking for other type of Git operations.]    :-)


Thanks for pointing this out, and for helping us clarify the roles and distinction between these two spaces.