OSEHRA AWG Minutes 2011-11-08

2011-11-08 MINUTES (slides & spread sheet are posted at “Documents” link above)

  1. Start: Introductions and Roll Call
  2. Minutes: Approve last week’s minutes and review this week’s agenda
  3. ANNOUNCEMENT: AWG’s 2011-11-08 DRAFT-A OSEHRA/VistA Product Definition for “Gold Build” and certification is posted at http://www.osehra.org/node/47/content/documents. Please provide feedback.
    • Spread sheet of VistA Documentation Library (VDL) modules has the following columns
      1. Class – [1, 2, 3, other]
      2. Build Version – [OSEHRA “Gold Build” version
      3. Module – Name of module in VDL
      4. Comment – mitigating circumstances
    • ISSUE: definition between “package” and “module” 
    • REPLY: A VDL package is a group of information resulting from a project, which may include one or more of the following:  module documentation, patch documentation, namespace/global or file documentation. A module is a set of routines; modules may be categorized as parents or children.
    • ACTION: separate teleconference among Julie Harvey (VA Product Development, Director, Product Assessment Competency Division, Bay Pines Product Development Center), Peter Li  (OSEHRA System Architecture lead) and Afsin Ustundag (Ray Group International VistA refactoring lead) to discuss remaining undocumented modules, the OSEHRA Build definition, Interface Control Agreements (ICRs) and the VA database (official list) of Name-spaces, File-spaces, Modules and Routines and any other remaining. All results of the discussion will be brought back to the OSEHRA AWG.
    • ACTION (Peter Li): add current module version to OSEHR “Product Definition” spreadsheet.
    • ACTION (Julie Harvey): verify and validate content of OSEHR “Product Definition” spreadsheet.
  4. Review Open Issues: The following was deferred till telecom with Julia Harvey
    • HELP NEEDED: see list of “open” undocumented modules below; where are these documented?
  5. Review iEHR SDK - Software Development Kit’s Interoperable EHR (iEHR)
  6. REQUESTED ACTION: review iEHR SDK Conceptual Architecture and post suggested improvements in discussion.
  7. REQUEST (Dr Mike Lincoln, VA): review OSEHRA charter and organization at future AWG telecom.


Undocumented VistA modules   Status: 19 Open

  2. Administrative Data Repository   Status: Open
  3. Allergy Tracking System   Status: Closed
  5. CERMe-Care Enhance Review Manager Enterprise   Status: Closed
  6. CIRN-Clinical Information Resources Network   Status: Closed
  7. CPRS: GUI-Graphical User Interface   Status: Closed
  9. Dietetics   Status: Closed
  10. Discharge Summary   Status: Closed
  11. Education Tracking   Status: Open
  12. HEPC Registry   Status: Open
  13. HIV Registry   Status: Open
  14. HealthVet Desktop   Status: Closed
  15. Hemodialysis   Status: Open
  16. Lab Service   Status: Closed
  17. MAS-Medical Administration Service   Status: Open
  18. NDBI-National Database Integration   Status: Open
  19. OE/RR-Order Entry/ Results Reporting   Status: Closed
  20. PXPT-PCE Patient/IHS Subset   Status: Open
  21. EA_Copied_Elements
  22. Patient Service Lookup   Status: Open
  23. Person Service Construct   Status: Open
  24. Pharmacy   Status: Open
  25. Pharmacy:  Electronic Claims Management Engine (ECME)   Status: Closed
  26. Progress Notes   Status: Open
  27. Registration   Status: Open
  28. Registration, Enrollment, and Eligibility Systems   Status: Open
  29. SDS-Standard Data Service   Status: Open
  30. Stay Manager   Status: Open
  31. Text Generator   Status: Open
  32. VA Intranet   Status: Open