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Weekly Open-Source EHR - Architecture Work Group (AWG) Telecom August 7, 2012 OSEHRA AWG AGENDA-MINUTES Last Updated 9 AM EDT, 7-Aug-12 DATE & TIME: Every Tuesday 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT CALL IN: The new AWG Dial-in: 1-650-479-3207, Access code: 662 014 630 Meeting Access at: https://osehra.webex.com/osehra/onstage/g.php?t=a &d=662014630 DOCUMENTS at: http://www.osehra.org/node/47/content/documents DISCUSSION at: http://www.osehra.org/node/47/content/discussions WIKI at: http://www.osehra.org/node/47/content/wikis Web Browser HTML SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE at: http://architecture.osehra.org VISUAL CROSS-REFERENCE of PACKAGES/ROUTINES/GLOBALS are at: http://code.osehra.org/dox/ for 2011-9-6 release http://code.osehra.org/dox_beta/ for 2012-12-6 FOIA release E-MAIL DISTRIBUTION LIST: architecture@groups.osehra.org – you must be registered to post/receive. Please register with Architecture Group · Joining OSEHRA is free; please join at www.OSEHRA.org . · To receive AWG e-mail, join the OSEHRA AWG at: http://www.osehra.org/groups · Add your comments and suggestions to the AWG “discussion forum” or “Wiki”. VA POSITION ON OSEHRA PARTICIPATION: Senior VA leadership encourages employees and contractors to actively participate in technical discussions without pre-approval; but, employees and contractors must NOT commit the government to a particular course-of-action without appropriate management pre-approval. AWG PLAN OF ACTIONS & MILESTONES * 17 Sep 2011 Initial 2011 System Architecture baseline * 06 Dec 2011 validated 2011 System Architecture baseline * 17 Mar 2012 “strawman” Product Definition and Roadmap * 17 Jun 2012 “ironman” Production Definition and Roadmap. * 01 Oct 2012 Product definition for all 126 hospitals (pending funding) AGENDA/MINUTES (Related slides & spread sheets are posted at the “Documents” link given above) 1. Start: Introductions and Roll Call 2. Minutes: Approve last week’s minutes and review/update this week’s agenda 31 July discussion: Topic: GT.M as a NoSQL Database, K.S. Bhaskar, VP, Product Manager at Fidelity National Information Services (see minutes below) Action Items: review open action items · Patrick Pearcy to provide availability of OSEHRA project space within the Harris government sandbox. 7 August: (slides at: http://www.osehra.org/node/47/content/documents ) under AWG minutes Topic: Repurpose VistA to the iEHR environment with modern security controls 1. iEHR follows VA mandated software engineering “best practices” to separate and loosely couples: o Data services o Business Rule services o Application Code services o Presentation layer services o Common services (e.g., Enterprise Service Bus, security) o Business Services and orchestrated business workflow & “value chain” services 2. Tactically, can service wrappers convert VistA into an iEHR embedded application server? o Without necessarily using roll-and-scroll interfaces o Without necessarily using CPRM 3. Strategically, is there sufficient ROI to repurpose VistA into quality M or JAVA code modules? o Is JAVA or M preferred? Why? o Can the performance impact of loosely-coupled-modularization be mitigated? 4. CALL TO ARMS: Considering last week’s iEHR Immunization Management RFI, can the open source community, working with VA, propose a repurposed VistA , encapsulated as an application server, using iEHR ESB services to create an orchastrated Immunization Management Solution? As iEHR is implemented, can the encapsulated VistA services be replaced with modular-repurposed VistA-based SOA services for a faster-better-cheaper iEHR? 5. Potential orchestrated services needed to create Immunization Management Capability: o Orders Management o Note writer Service o Inventory management o RLUS (Retrieve, Locate Update Service) o Clinical Decision Support Service o Virtual Patient Record Service § Problem list § Medication list § Allergies list § Adverse Reaction list § Diagnostic results § Treatments 6. Alternative suggestions to transition VistA to an open-source iEHR Healthcare Services Platform? 7. Your thoughts/discussion? ASSUMPTION: All locally generated data stays in local VistA DB. Appropriate information is sent to enterprise iEHR DB to support the iEHR Graphical User Interface. The iEHR Virtual Patient Record (VPR) Service has the ability to pull and harmonize local legacy data into a Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER). 31 July Minutes: For those that are interested in further exploration of the GT.M Supplementary Instance (SI) Replication service for use in database analytical processing, Bhaskar suggested a good place to start is Chapter 7 (Database Replication) of the GT.M Administration and Operations Guide, UNIX Edition. For all GT.M documentation, go to http://fis-gtm.com (it will redirect you) and click on the User Documentation tab. Slides for the presentation is located at FIS GT.M - Multi-purpose Universal NoSQL Database (updated slide deck) 31 July Attendees: FirstName LastName Email shane mcclaughry shane.mcclaughry@krminc.com Afsin Ustundag austundag@raygroupintl.com Luis Ibanez luis.ibanez@kitware.com Hugh Creedon hcreedon@dssinc.com K.S. Bhaskar ks.bhaskar@fisglobal.com K.S. Bhaskar ks.bhaskar@fisglobal.com Ed Ost eost@talend.com Todd Littlejohn littlejohnjt@intellitronics.com Ted Schneider ted@icare.com John Lunden john.lunden@va.gov peter li lip@osehra.org George Lilly glilly@glilly.net Satish Mutalik smutaik@csc.com Rob Felder robert.felder@va.gov Derek Veit derek.veit@medsphere.com mike bell michael.bell8@va.gov Mary-Anne Wolf mgwmgw@comcast.net Andy Pardue andy.pardue@medsphere.com Kenneth Poindexter kenneth.poindexter@intersystems.com Russell Davis russell.davis@pentagon.af.mil Andy Oram andyo@oreilly.com Jeffrey Mohr jeffrey.mohr@jera-inc.com Jeffrey Mohr jeffrey.mohr@jera-inc.com kash badami kash.badami@marklogic.com David Zaffery david.zaffery@va.gov Randy Whitehead randy_whitehead@yahoo.com Steve Hufnagel shufnagel@tiag.net james west jultancav@hotmail.com Walter Grant walter.grant@va.gov Jignesh Patel jigneshmpatel@gmail.com Andy Lee jianandyli2@hotmail.com