OSEHRA support for Linux/Cache environment

The two supported environments supported by OSEHRA are Cache/Windows and GT.M/Linux.  Has any thought been given to also supporting Cache/Linux?  Installing Cache on Linux would be different from the Windows install, but could potentially be easier if the installFromParametersFile method is used.  Loading the OSEHRA code base would be largely the same as in the Cache/Windows environment, with some allowances for file paths being different.

The area I'm not too sure of would be the automated testing.  It would probably need to combine aspects of the Cache/Windows environment (any Cache specific parts) with the GT.M/Linux bits (the use of expect).

My primary driver for wanting to see the Cache/Linux combination supported is due to that being the platform currently being pursued in the VA.



Patches are being worked on

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I am currently working on patches to support Cache/Linux to the Automated Testing Suite.  A couple of other people are working on creating the installation documents.