Re: [ehr-refactoring-services] Proposal to use RDF/SPARQL to define Foundation Schema to map VistA elements

Not sure yet. We need to spend sometime on this to figure out details. Afsin On Feb 10, 2012, at 9:37 PM, "Tom Munnecke" > wrote: This will be great to get some experience with real data. I can see your point about entry point being a type, but I'm not sure how this fits in with other perspectives that would treat the Routine as an entity... I think it all comes back to how complicated it is to build the SPARQL queries to sort this all out in the context of future uses. I guess the best thing is to just try it one way or the other and see how it works on the query side. This doesn't have to be cast in concrete, of course... we can prototype it and then adjust it as necessary. I suspect that Conor has some insight into this. Are you planning to incorporate this into a refactoring workbench toolkit? If so, what does the toolkit look like? P.S. I have a beta test key for Dydra -- Full post: Manage my subscriptions: Stop emails for this post: