Cancelled due to scheduling conflicts with HL7 meeting From: Stephen Hufnagel [] Sent: Tuesday, May 08, 2012 8:33 AM To: '' Subject: OSEHRA AWG WG Telecom 4PM EDT Today (Tuesday) - AGENDA Weekly Open-Source EHR - Architecture Work Group (AWG) Telecom May 08, 2012 OSEHRA AWG AGENDA-MINUTES Last Updated 9 AM EDT, 08-May-12 DATE & TIME: Every Tuesday 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT CALL IN: The new AWG Dial-in: (712) 432-6545, Access Code: 960041 REGISTER at: (NEW: accommodates 100) Once registered you will receive an email with information you need to join the Webinar. DOCUMENTS at: DISCUSSION at: WIKI at: Web Browser HTML SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE at: VISUAL CROSS-REFERENCE of PACKAGES/ROUTINES/GLOBALS are at: for 2011-9-6 release for 2012-12-6 FOIA release E-MAIL DISTRIBUTION LIST: - you must be registered to post/receive. Please register with Architecture Group . Joining OSEHRA is free; please join at . . To receive AWG e-mail, join the OSEHRA AWG at: . Add your comments and suggestions to the AWG "discussion forum" or "Wiki". VA POSITION ON OSEHRA PARTICIPATION: Senior VA leadership encourages employees and contractors to actively participate in technical discussions without pre-approval; but, employees and contractors must NOT commit the government to a particular course-of-action without appropriate management pre-approval. AWG PLAN OF ACTIONS & MILESTONES * 17 Sep 2011 Initial 2011 System Architecture baseline * 06 Dec 2011 validated 2011 System Architecture baseline * 17 Mar 2012 "strawman" Product Definition and Roadmap * 17 Jun 2012 "ironman" Production Definition and Roadmap. * 01 Oct 2012 Product definition for all 126 hospitals (pending funding) AGENDA/MINUTES (Related slides & spread sheets are posted at the "Documents" link given above) 1. Start: Introductions and Roll Call 2. Minutes: Approve last week's minutes and review/update this week's agenda 1 May discussion . Peter Li update on modeling Extended Protocol dependency . Steve Hufnagel review of iEHR ESB configuration 3. Action Items: review open action items . (Peter Li) Follow on iEHR specific ESB presentation by Patrick Pearcy at IPO 4. 8 May Topic: (slides at: ) under AWG minutes Topic: Medsphere & Vista by Edmund Billing, Medsphere. 1. Overview of Medsphere a. Relationship to Vista b. How OSEHRA can support Medsphere's mission. 2. Medesphere specific modules, which augment or complement VistA o What does it take to make FOIA VistA a viable commercial product; for example, customization and interfaces to other products for ADT, Scheduling, Radiology, Billing, etc. o What new functionalities have been added to OpenVistA because of market demand, and possibly can be re-integrate back into VistA? 3. Suggestions to improve VistA o What are some new capability that the market is demanding that VistA sorely needs to have in order to be competitive, i.e., next gen CPRS? 4. Recommendations for convergence of the codebase. VA is now open to suggestions for improvements/convergence of the VistA codebase with its variations 5. Suggestions for transition to iEHR 3-tier architecture with repurposed MUMPS modules? 1 May Minutes: Jack Taylor mentioned that the Harris ESB contract will provide two types of ESB sandboxes: government at JITIC, Maui and contractor. These sandboxes will be available to developers to exercise their software components within the ESB environment. Contact Patrick Pearcy at IPO to get access. 1 May Attendee list: Taylor, Jack Eshbaugh, Ed Eshba. Davis, Russell . Allard, Charles Hufnagel, Steve Hufnagel, Steve Brittain, Nevin Mutalik, Satish Monahan, Carol Grant, Walter Veit, Derek Bell, Mike Whitten, David Ustundag, Afsin . Crawley, Savannah Cook, Don Higgins, Gerald McClaughry, Shane shane.mcclaughry@krminc.c . Newcomb, Philip U, Chris Nay, Joe Schneider, Ted Patel, Jignesh mitchell, mary Mendes, David Briscoe, Carmen Pardue, Andy