RFI: Support Services to Health Systems for the Integrated Electronic Health Record Capability-Integrated Project Teams

SOURCE: https://www.fbo.gov/?s=opportunity&mode=form&tab=core&id=26102a784a6cedaab6500ab3e4fe4461&_cview=0



The Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Health Information has a requirement for project and program management services to support Integrated Electronic Health Record (iEHR) and Capability-Integrated Project Teams (C-IPTs).


The goal of the Integrated Electronic Health Record (iEHR) is to deliver an effective, standards-based, comprehensive system of records that will track the lifelong medical history of Service Members, veterans, and their family members. To achieve this goal, the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Veteran's Affairs (VA) are standing up functional C-IPTs. C-IPT activities occur early in the iEHR lifecycle following a structured common process described in the iEHR C-IPT Management Plan (see attachment 1) providing a set of specified deliverables.

The following interagency groups and committees govern the C-IPT process: Functional Capabilities Group (FCG), Health Architecture Review Board (HARB), Interagency Clinical Informatics Board (ICIB) and the Health Executive Council (HEC). The FCG operates as a sub-working group of the ICIB. After the ICIB approves the standup of a C-IPT the FCG identifies the core C-IPT members and the process steps and development of the interagency artifacts as identified in the iEHR C-IPT Management Plan begin. There are presently four (4) active C-IPT's within the business justification phase, and eight (8) in the acquisition phase of the lifecycle. There are plans to activate twelve (12) new C-IPT's each year for the next several years, while remaining engaged in the activities of the existing C-IPTs as they transition into the acquisition, development, deployment and sustainment phases. C-IPT participants will continue to be engaged beyond the business justification phase but with differing levels of involvement.

Specific deliverables and tasks within each iEHR C-IPT will directly impact the delivery of health care by revisions to the current architecture and business model of health software development, lead to development of specific software products that will revise the concept and delivery of health record information, and increase the knowledge base and participation by clinicians regarding health informatics and the development of health information technologies.


The iEHR Lead for Health Systems along with their DoD counterpart serves as the Functional Program Coordinators/FCG Co-Chairs. In this team leader role they manage and coordinate the iEHR capability sets to include overall project oversight of the iEHR C-IPTs.

The contractor shall provide strategic health information professional and technical services to the iEHR lead for Health Systems in concert with the DoD counterpart for the FCG. The contractor shall provide project and program management services to support these team leaders in the management of the iEHR C-IPTs. The contractor shall also support the FCG in reporting back to the ICIB. The scope of work and work products are inclusive of stakeholder management, communications support, project and program management, logistics support, document management, reporting and research. The following are sample tasks that may be included, but not limited to if an actual Task Order is issued as a result of this sources sought:

  • C-IPT Coordination, Monitoring and FCG Program Management
    • The contractor shall provide program management support to the VA and DoD Functional Program Coordinators to coordinate the FCG activities. Those activities are described in the C-IPT Management Plan along with the activities of other iEHR governance bodies and workgroups. They are the result of DoD and VA's teamwork to establish and formalize joint DoD/VA formalized processes, procedures and templates for all iEHR C-IPTs moving forward with a common understanding. The C-IPT Management Plan provides specific details regarding what C-IPT activities must be completed, who will perform those activities, when activities will be performed and how they will be performed. The contractor is not required to participate directly in the C-IPTs or provide support within the C-IPTs for their working sessions
  • Monitor and Support Adherence to the C-IPT Master Schedule
  • The contractor shall support monitoring and adherence to the prescribed schedules across the Capability Sets which are each aligned with C-IPTs. The contractor shall address the scheduling and alignment of resources in accordance with the approved sequencing for C-IPT activities and through the collection of input and coordination with the respective C-IPT Co-Leads from VA and DoD. The contractor shall provide updates and adjustments to maintain the C-IPT Master Schedule, reflecting the status for each C-IPT. The contractor shall also make recommendations, as appropriate, when problems or issues are identified
  • The iEHR C-IPT Master Schedule is the iEHR Proposed Capability Schedule based on the recommended sequencing. It includes all identified capabilities (presently 51) and reflects the status of the Business Justification Package, Governance and Acquisition through a color coded bar chart spanning six years for briefings as well as maintaining the Integrated Master Schedule
  • Skillset required: Program Master Planner/Project Planner versed and expert in MS Project, resource loading and schedule networking (predecessors/successors), to include development and management of a complex Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) and fluent in all aspects of engineering planning and processes
  • Communications Services

The contractor shall perform communication activities in support of the FCG to ensure FCG and iEHR leadership remains informed on milestones and issues. The contractor shall prepare reports to communicate C-IPT progress to ensure these activities are represented accurately and incorporate status into iEHR reporting tools. The contractor shall draft artifacts and documents to support FCG reporting out to iEHR Governance and the appropriate DoD/VA specific Governance. The contractor shall develop briefs, communication artifacts and/or draft responses, in conjunction with the FCG leads. The contractor shall provide configuration management to maintain and store FCG program documentation and work products