SOA Suite/ESB Workshop Hosted by Harris Corp Today at 3-5 PM EST

To All Member of OSEHRA Architecture Work Group, Harris Corp. will host the SOA Suite/ESB Workshop during the two hour long AWG meeting. Note the new call-in info for today's call. When: Tuesday, October 02, 2012 3:00 PM-5:00 PM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada). Where: Phone number: 321-674-4300 Meeting ID: 3152 1. Dial the appropriate phone number from the list above. 2. Press 1, then enter the Meeting ID (found in the top section of the meeting notice). Joining the Web (Data Sharing) Conference 1. Click on the link: 2. Fill in the Meeting ID field then click Attend Meeting. 3. Fill in the My Name is field then click Attend Meeting. Accept any security warning you receive and wait for the meeting room to initialize. Agenda for OSHERA Workshop Oct 2nd 3-5EST. 1) System team walk through the contractor sandbox a. What tools are installed b. Accessing c. QA 2) Demo - Mirth & MQ integration demo a. Creating & Deploying channels b. Sending HL7 messages c. Mirth Dashboard d. QA 3) WMB tool demonstration a. Message Broker Toolkit walkthrough b. Creating Flows c. Deploy flows d. MQ Explorer e. QA 4) WODM demonstration (Tim - 15 min) f. WODM walkthrough g. Deploy Rules Service h. Execute the Rules Service using SOAP UI i. QA 5) Layer 7 a. Authentication b. Access Control (Group/role base access control) c. TLS d. QA 6) Storing your configurations is the 3rd Party responsibility a. Exporting Layer7 policies b. Exporting c. Exporting MQ & WODM files d. QA Peter Li, Co-chair AWG