Fileman 22.2 Getting Started Manual: UPDATE

Based on reader feedback, we made a few changes to the Getting Started Manual. Here is the updated version.



FileMan 22.2 Getting Started Manual

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I would like to add few suggestions.

The document name is "Fileman 22.2 ....". It is not clear if it is VA FileMan , OSEHRA FileMan, or some other version. The spelling of FileMan should be with capital "M". Is the intent of this manual to replace the current VA FileMan Getting Started Manual? There is useful information in the VA FileMan Getting Started Manual that could be included in this manual.

There is no consistency between usage of <Enter> and <Return> key.

When free text fields were described, it was mentioned that caret ("^") is not accepted "because it is often used as a part of VISTA commands". Even though it is true, the main reason, I think, is that caret ("^") is used as a separator of fields data in the global storage.