Genomics and Big Data_PART 3


This is the last part of this somewhat lengthy document that I am going to post. I apologize, because some of the pagination is not as indicated as 'Genomics and Big Data_PART 1', and I have left out some text and the Appendices and Glossary. If anyone wants a full version this document, please contact me by email (beware - it is in excess of 100 pages in length).

This last part contains a short section of suggested regulatory guidelines as well as my comments. It also includes 'References and Notes' for the entire document. Also - I do not know who to attribute the image on the cover page of this last part of the document, because I have seen it to attributed to several different sources. In any event, all errors are mine, and I apologize to anyone who was not credited in this document. - Gerry Higgins